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General description

Diel Software SRL Corporation has known a continuous development from itís founding until present days. This materialized itself into a growing number of benefits that call on our products and services and made us obtain a duly prestige on the Romanian software market.

Once with the rise of the quality and complexity of our aplications, also increased the number and the importance our products benefits.

After an activity of almost 14 years in this domain, Diel Software takes a pride in more than 500 clients and a number above 1500 own products licenses sold:
  • Commercial corporations;
  • Autonomous companies;
  • Foundations and non-governmental organizations;
  • Authorized persons.

Our benefits work in domains such as:
  • Production;
  • En detail or en gross commerce;
  • Services;
  • Transports;
  • Education;

What we offer to our clients:
  • Standard informatics products in the economical area;
  • Software applications adapted on demand;
  • Advising on the usage of company software and hardware equipments;
  • Services in the computer science area and hardware equipments;
  • Computer science services and hardware equipments area
  • Services in the computer networking area

In all those years we offer to our partners: competence, severity, stability and adaptability to internal changes and the development of commercial corporations.

What are our strong points in the relationship with the benefits of our products:
  • The competence of our employees in areas such as economic analysis, programming, computer science, electronic and communication engineering;
  • The experience of our employees in line is between 5 and 16 years;
  • Major strong points: personnelís experience, competence in computer science and other areas linked, perseverance on implementation, adaptation to demands and also to the level of competence of the personnel who uses our applications;
  • Substructure: downtown centre, car for displacement.

Diel products

Our products are split in two main categories:
  • Standard softwareís that are addressed to all benefits and can be used to any type of activity;
  • Custom applications addressed to some categories of clients such as those who work in areas like: production, hotels and restaurants.

Custom applications developed with those partners:
  • Tracking down production;
  • Working out the payments based on daily production including the bar-code readers;
  • Materials and expends management in the lohn system;
  • Restaurants management;
  • Hotels management program;
  • Tracking down motor expends;

Diel Software has developed specific applications for clients with productive activities, this representing an important composition of our activity:
  • Over 90 of our clients are factories of which 70% have foreign or composite finance capital;
  • Furnishings production and wooden products, chemical products, confections and footgear and meat products;
  • In furnishing industry we have over 10 clients from which 7 have between 200 and 500 employees;
  • At over 40 factories there are implemented programs of initiating and tracking the production, adapted to the benefitís requests.

Partnership with the clients

Once collaboration is initiated, we develop a real partnership with our clients, incarnated through:
  • Economic analysis performed together with the benefitís specialists with a view to implement the applications;
  • Technical support during the implementation of Diel programs;
  • Advising in problems related to the functioning of the computer systems, with appropriate software and hardware components;
  • Advising in economic, financial or management problems, using the experience displayed by Diel specialists over a long period of time.

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