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Technical assistance services
  1. Once with the acquisition of any application produced by DIEL SOFTWARE our clients benefit from 3 months of free implementation, according to the commercial deal;
  2. During this period we provide free technical assistance and advising services. Also, all the legislatives and functional updates are provided without any payment obligation from the benefit;
  3. The assistance in realized through the phone, e-mail, at the centre of the provider or at the centre of the client, in the last case the client footing the bill for displacement during the free implementation period and that if the benefitís centre is outside the Cluj county.

  4. After the 3 months period, DIEL SOFTWARE offers the possibility of signing technical assistance contracts. There are 2 types of contracts:

    1. Contracts with subscription payable monthly, half-yearly or yearly;

    2. Contracts without subscription, with the pay depending of the work done.

    The rate of the subscription contracts is calculated depending on: the type of single station or network, the number of working stations and DIEL applications installed; In type A contracts the pay amount of the contract covers all the expenses for the legislatives and functional updates for the single station versions and also for the network ones. We also provide emergency intercessions needed for the good functioning of Diel applications. In case of type B contracts the payment obligations results from the services performed by the contractor: software updates emergency intercessions, and also displacement expenses from case to case.

Services guaranteed on implementation:
  • Economic analysis performed with the benefitís specialists;
  • Advising for the configuration of the initial data;
  • Advising regarding the hardware configuration on the single station option and also on the network option;
  • Reports configuration;
  • Recommendations regarding aspects of the usage manner;
  • Advising regarding economic, finance or management problems;
  • Technical assistance during the implementation of Diel applications.

Other services provided by DIEL
  • Advising regarding the hardware configurations necessary for the functioning of DIEL applications;
  • Advising regarding the legislative changes in the economic area and the implications of them in the functioning of DIEL computer systems;
  • Technical support in operating systems and company software applications;
  • Advising regarding the functioning of hardware equipments (computers, printers, etc);
  • Computer network configuration;
  • Technical assistance regarding cash registers and bare-code readers, the correct installation of the appropriate drivers and interfacing those with the computer.