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Diel ContaWin sowtware package

  1. The composition of Diel ContaWin sowtware package

  2. Base Diel ContaWin package
    • General accountancy
    • Payment calculation
    • Stock management
    • Fixed assets

    Further plug-ins
    • Primary calculation of payments and automated time sheet
    • Materials management in the LOHN system
    • Motor consumption calculation
    • Data transmition manner to the cash registers

  3. The characteristics of DIEL applications
    • Quick and easy installation;
    • The facility in fast learning of the working method;
    • Running on any operating system of Windows 9X type or newer;
    • Usage in connection with any printer;
    • Working in a computer network;
    • The documents can be tracked for an unlimited number of corporations and without a time limit;
    • Documentatie disponibila pe ecran;
    • Modulele pot fi folosite impreuna sau separat, in functie de activitatea si specificul firmei.