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About us

Diel Software is a company with tradition on the Transylvanian software market being known for the economical applications developed, and also for the quality of the services put forward into the IT area.

Diel Software remarked itself on the market as a software solutions provider for the business management corporations which have a variety of activities: production, commerce, transports or services.

Our companyís achievements on the Romanian software market are incarnated also through the large number of corporations that benefit by our services: above 400 clients with more than 2000 licenses sold, among which can be counted some companies that are important to the Transylvanian economical life.

Our mission is to bring the IT technology closer to the computer users, especially to those who work in the economical area.

The main advantage of our programs is the simplicity and the facility in usage, which we managed to keep in all of our evolution. That makes the user work with pleasure and enthusiasm and so the results appear in a short period of time, offering great productivity. That makes the user work with pleasure and enthusiasm and so the results appear in a short period of time, offering great productivity.

The main directions where we develop our activity
  • Providing standard economic applications;
  • Developing software on demand in areas linked to the activity of the economic agents, especially applications on data bases;
  • Informatics services related to applications that we provide;
  • Advising in the IT area;
Our company offers to our customers:
  • The maintenance of a long-term collaboration due to the steadiness of the team and itís substructure and to the flexibility of the solutions;
  • The development of partnerships with our clients, making an important impact on their growth, offering solutions that are adapted to the permanent shifting demands;
  • Solutions for improving our clients management, with important consequences on their financial results;
  • The promptitude with which we answer to the requests;
The major advantages of the collaboration with DIEL team:
  1. Fast adaptation of the software to legislation changes;
  2. Periodical improvements to enhance the quality of the applications;
  3. The programming team capable to offer consultancy in various informatics problems;
  4. Technical support in using our programs by going at the clientís centre, by phone or by e-mail;
  5. DIEL team is built of programming specialists, IT, electronics, and telecommunication engineers, all enthusiastic young men.
The major attributes of our programs:
  1. The documents can be tracked for an unlimited number of corporations and without a time limit;
  2. Compatibility with any Windows 9X operating system or newer;
  3. The usage in connection with any type of printer;
  4. Working in a computer network;
  5. Simplicity and fast learning of the working manner.