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In a world dominated by the multitude of numbers and the rising demand of periodical reports of all kind, the economical software user needs extra performance to frame in his time and to save a small part of it for other personal activities.

There is a need for more and more performant aplications, adjusted to the technological development but also to the shifting demands of the economical life, due other by the legislative changes or the managerial necessities.

DIELís purpose is to offer a simple and efficient solution, easy to implement and use, solution that would rise the efficiency in the economical area. Our softwares of accountancy, commercial management, production, salary and capital assets reply exactly to those demands.

The one who benefits from our aplications will meet the requested deadlines and even more, he will be left with extra spare time for himself.

Likewise, DIEL is submiting to bring the user closer to the computer, using softwares with friendly interfaces and ensuring a quick and quality maintainence service.

Diel. Less time on the computer. More time for you.